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ⓠOne big aspect to look forward to is the additional security measures that gw has added to enhance the protection of users' privacy. Not only can you rely on a lock for your phone's apps, but you can add an app lock or even a specific chat screen lock for gw. This prevents anyone from accessing your personal information or chat history when using your device.ⓟ

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▓There are a number of factors that affect when WhatsApp GB stops working. Firstly, it could be that the software installation file is corrupted, or there are bugs or switches. do worst, it is likely that the version you are using has stopped working or your account has been blocked.⇆

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☯Using a third-party app locker will lock your WhatsApp app, but you cannot lock designated chats. Meanwhile, you can lock your chats and apps in the GBWhatsApp download APK. You can find a built-in app lock in the mod which allows you to set a password to lock specific conversations. If you don't want a private conversation with a friend to be accidentally seen, you can also set a separate password for that conversation.⒱

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