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ⓁAre you love to socialize? Too late to check your friends' deleted statuses? Wondering what messages they've deleted? Does it sometimes bother you when a friend sends a message but deletes it immediately? That's when GBWhatsApp's 'anti-deleted messages' can fully satisfy your curiosity. This feature in GBWhatsApp original allows users to see what messages the sender has deleted, even if he/she has deleted everyone's messages.卐

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↬This feature is very advanced, GB Instagram allows you to play any video on it with an external player. We should know that the original version of Instagram does not offer this feature. All you have to do is click on the three dots in the top right corner of the video and select the GB Instagram video preview, which can also be viewed in HD quality.✎

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☪Last but not least, the previous official WhatsApp couldn't do auto-reply. Instead, GBWhatsApp Latest Version adds this feature and it's free. Career professionals should not miss this feature. It helps you to avoid missing out on text messages when you receive too many on holidays, or when you don't feel comfortable replying to text messages in your daily life and at work. In short, it makes your work easier.ㄨ

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